History of the building

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Park Lofts is housed in a stylish 19th-century building, which was opened as a school in 1882. Today, the building continues to contribute to the development of talent: an inspiring place for people who stay in Groningen for business or work.

Situated on the north side of the Groningen city centre, this magnificent structure at Boteringesingel 14 was originally built as a public school to meet the education needs for a growing population in the Botanical neighbourhood (Hortusbuurt). Commissioned by the municipality of Groningen it was designed by city architect A. Schram de Jong - greatly inspired by the popular Chalet style.

Because of the twelve classrooms in this primary school it was named School XII, later renamed to Thorbeckeschool.

Several schools were built at the Boteringesingel around that time: de Ambachtsschool and another public primary school on the corner of the Boteringestraat in 1910. What’s makes the building even more special is that the Boteringesingel 14 is the only building that remains today. Its grandeur and exquisite details make it an important landmark in the lush green Noorderplantsoen park.

Since it was built, the building has undergone several changes: the decorated wooden porches had to make place for new classrooms and also the entrance was changed. 

The building's rich history was finally preserved for the future.

When the Thorbecke school moved to another location and the building was no longer maintained, its decay unfortunately started. For many years it was used by a local art school to prevent squatting until the government finally decided to look for a new purpose for the building.  

In 2017 entrepreneur Bastiaan Last accepted the challenging renovation. This resulted in a beautiful blend of old and new: the twelve classrooms where converted into five spacious apartments, and many original details - like the wooden porches - were brought back. The building's rich history was preserved for the future.

Since April 2023, Boteringesingel 14 has opened its doors again and this time as a luxury short stay. Its prime location, coupled with its unique history and stunning architecture, makes it an attractive option for anyone looking for a unique stay in the city of Groningen.

Images shared by Groninger Archieven / Archives